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Mysteel, ´China´s steel market prospect for 2019´
Mysteel Annual Seminar: China´s steel market prospect 2019´ was held in success at Shanghai International Sourcing Center for three days from Dec.14 to Dec.
2018-12-19 13:57
China´s crude steel production in 2018, to set a record high
China´s crude steel production in 2018 will reach 923 million tons, a government research institute in China said on Tuesday.As the Chinese government announ
2018-12-14 14:01
Hyundai Steel reshuffle executives...signaling a drastic change
Hyundai Motor Group (HMG) made sweeping changes among group executives on December 12. The move has been widely expected following the promotion of Chung Eui-
2018-12-14 13:13
Macquarie, lowered price outlook for nickel by 18% to 20%
Macquarie analysts have lowered their price outlook for nickel. This is due to the expectation that nickel pig iron (NPI) supplies from Indonesia will grow an
2018-12-12 14:58
Issue Impact of YK steel´s maintenance work and imports of Japanese scraps
YK Steel has emerged as the biggest variable in the scrap market in the southern part of Korea. YK Steel will stop operating its EAF for 10 days from the 9th.
2018-12-10 15:17
Korean H-beam makers surpassed sales target for five consecutive months
Korean H-beam makers such as Hyundai Steel and Dongkuk Steel surpassed their sales target for five consecutive months. In November, Hyundai Steel and Dongkuk
2018-12-07 11:08
Chinese steel prices, bottoming out...Korean steel analysts
A number of steel analysts at South Korea`s major brokerage firms predict that the chances are low that the price of Chinese steel will fall further. Kim Mi-s
2018-12-03 15:19
Predict Negotiating over steel plate price next year to be difficult
In the negotiation over the price of steel plate for shipbuilding for the first half of next year, the biggest issue will be an expansion of Chinese imports a
2018-11-29 12:35
South Korean steel market, in deep freeze...bankrupcies surging
The South Korean steel market is in deep freeze. The number of insolvent companies and related companies are growing fast. Starting with DMI Engineering & Man
2018-11-29 11:12
Speculation surrounding the merger of China´s Baowu and Ansteel
Rumors are that China´s No. 1 steelmaker Baowu Steel Group and No. 4 Anshan Iron & Steel could merge via their listed arms. When merged, the new entity will
2018-11-26 16:27
South Korean CR industry´s profits, depending on raw material prices
The claim that the drop in the profitability of South Korean major cold-rolled(CR) coated steelmakers this year is due to the failure to properly reflect the
2018-11-22 16:11
International price of coking coal, skyrocketing
International spot prices of coking coal have continued to increase, breaking a new high for the second half of this year. There is a possibility that the pri
2018-11-21 14:10
Chinese rebar imports, reach break even
Chinese rebar prices are continuing its upward trend. Chinese rebar started this week at between KRW695,000 and KRW700,000 per ton, up from the previous week.
2018-11-21 11:18
South Korean steel plate imports, to hit the record high in Nov
It is expected that the volume of steel plate imports will hit the record high for the year again in November. Despite high import costs, it is analyzed that
2018-11-19 15:52
Has the price of Chinese steel plates imports, reached the bottom?
The price of Chinese steel plates exported to Korea still remains weak. Weak prices in the Chinese domestic market and Chinese yuan´s devaluation are the mai
2018-11-16 16:06
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1 “Set a foundation for coexistence and development”...KOSIA Chairman
2 Chinese steel prices, to drop 10% in 2019
3 International coking coal price, hit a record high again
4 Import price of Turkish scraps, fell below USD300
5 Hyundai Steel is considering counteractions for imported H-Beam.
6 [Nov Sales] POSCO´s sales of CR coated flat products rose YoY
7 Mysteel, ´China´s steel market prospect for 2019´
“Set a foundation for coexistence and development”...KOSIA Chairman
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Mysteel, ´China´s steel market prospect for 2019´
[Nov Sales] POSCO´s sales of CR coated flat products ro

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