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Issue Success and failure of production cut by rebar makers in Oct
For South Korean steelmakers, this October has become the most important period in recent years. Because whether steelmakers will continue to hold the hegemon
2019-10-10 17:56
Focus Hyundai Steel, to reduce production of H-beams in Oct
Hyundai Steel will actively reduce production of H-beams in October. It is expected that about 70,000 tons of production will be disrupted. Despite facility r
2019-10-07 09:27
Issue Scrap consumption, to hit the lowest in October in recent years
Scrap consumption is expected to hit the lowest in October in recent years.Rebar makers, the main consumer of scraps, have decided to cut production one after
2019-10-05 14:47
Issue Impact of a production cut by Chinese city of Tangshan
Although the Chinese city of Tangshan has recently imposed heavy steel production restrictions, the price change of steel products in China is not significant
2019-09-30 16:28
Focus Impact of Indonesian government´s ban on nickel raw ore exports
The Indonesian government has rolled out its ban on nickel raw ore exports earlier than originally scheduled. Director for coal and mineral affairs of the Ene
2019-09-09 11:48
Predict How much can POSCO fill this year´s remaining HR export quota?
How much can POSCO fill this year´s remaining hot-rolled(HR) export quota?With this year´s HR exports to the U.S. falling sharply compared to last year, att
2019-09-02 09:49
Issue Indonesian industries, divided over the ban on nickel ore exp
Indonesian Mining Association and the nickel pig iron industry are divided over the Indonesian government´s deadline for a ban on nickel ore exports. While t
2019-08-30 10:29
Analysis Despite strong raw material prices, Chinese STS prices remain flat
Despite strong raw material prices such as nickel, China´s domestic demand and export prices have slowed recently. Prices of stainless steel(STS) in China ha
2019-08-29 07:07
Issue The outlook for the steel industry, not bleak in the era of electric vehicles
Electric vehicles are fast becoming an option for drivers. Domestic demand for electric vehicles is also growing fast. Domestic demand, which stood at less th
2019-08-18 05:47
Contribution Chinese steel market overview
Steel prices in the Chinese market plunged last week.A number of issues, including a continued rise in market inventories due to oversupply, a sharp fall in i
2019-08-13 20:02
Analysis Plunge in iron ore price, to deter the increase in steel product prices in South Korea
Along with the recent short-term plunge in iron ore price, concerns are growing that a drop in the prices of Chinese steel imports will deter the price increa
2019-08-12 07:58
Issue Korean government´s restrictions on imports of Japanese scraps
South Korean government has started restrictions on Japanese steel scrap imports. Related industries are paying attention to possible changes in the supply an
2019-08-08 13:22
Analysis POSCO and Hyundai Steel´s operating profit ratio, remained solid in 2Q
POSCO and Hyundai Steel´s operating profit-to-sales ratio in the second quarter remained strong in the second quarter. For POSCO, the figure stood at 9.7% in
2019-08-06 10:08
Predict Will nickel prices, subject to adjustments?
Nickel prices have recently been moving around USD14,000 per ton. Since mid-July, nickel prices have been on a nine-day winning streak, raising market expecta
2019-08-01 14:31
Analysis Domestic scrap market outlook in August
South Korean scrap distributors’ expectations for the market in August appear to be low. Distributors expect the price of scraps to rise in August from the e
2019-07-31 08:41
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1 Decline in rebar demand, sharper in 2H
2 Sense of crisis in the steel rebar market, growing more than ever
3 CR distribution industry, busy coping with a price cut by POSCO
4 POSCO · Hyundai Steel, recovery in HR export to be tough
5 SeAH Changwon Integrated Special Steel, to replace Japanese tubes withe domestic goods
6 Domestic H-beam prices, returned to the level in Oct
7 Dongkuk Steel, raised the price of color steel supplied to home appliance makers
"Hyundai Steel, set to increase H-beam price to KRW800,000"...head of distribution team
Korea Steel Scrap Price News >
[9-4 KSSP] KSSP declined for the second consecutive wee
[9-1 KSSP] Declined slightly led the drop in Seoul metro
[8-3 KSSP] KSSP showed mixed results depending on region
[8-1 KSSP] KSSP declined slightly in the 1st week of Aug
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S∙Korean rebar makers’ profit ratio havled in Oct
Concerns growing over profitability of the tin plate ind
Scrap inventories of S〮Korean EAF mills declined
Dongkuk Steel, raised the price of color steel supplied
POSCO · Hyundai Steel, recovery in HR export to be tou

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