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Hyundai Steel added 55 new sizes of H-beams
Hyundai Steel has named the new standard of H-beams RH+ and has begun a promotion. Hyundai Steel has started selling a total of 138 sizes, adding 55 sizes to
2019-07-11 20:28
H-beam sales fell short of sales target in June
H-beam sales by Hyundai Steel and Dongkuk Steel fell in June from May. The two companies´ sales of H-beams came to 194,000 tons in June, down 13,000 tons MoM
2019-07-08 11:59
Steel rebar sales hit 899,000 tons in June
Steel rebar sales continued to be strong. In June, steel rebar sales by the seven major steelmakers hit 899,000 tons, down 12,000 tons MoM. Rebars sales were
2019-07-08 11:34
Rebar distribution prices, up slightly in the first week of July
Domestic steel rebar prices are likely to go up further. Early in the first week of July, the transaction price of rebars ranged from KRW695,000 to KRW700,000
2019-07-05 15:29
Hyundai Steel, increase the list price of rebar by KRW10,000
South Korean steelmakers have set the July factory price of steel rebars supplied to construction companies at KRW725,000 (high-strength 10 millimeters, based
2019-07-01 07:51
Price of steel rebar imports rising...following the rise in the domestic rebarsrebars
The price of steel rebar imports is rising. As domestic rebar prices are rising, the price of imports is also rising. Recently, the asking price of rebar impo
2019-06-30 15:29
Vietnamese H-beam prices, rebounding
The prices of Vietnamese H-beams are rebounding. As the prices of domestic H-beams are rising, the sales price of Vietnamese H-beams are also rising.The sales
2019-06-27 06:14
The lowest price limit for Chinese H-beam export quota, set at USD669 in 3Q
It is expected that Chinese H-beam imports will decrease in the third quarter due to a rise in import prices. The lowest price limit for Chinese H-beam export
2019-06-27 05:50
Contracts for rebar imports remain ´low´
Contracts for rebar imports are low. The import industry said that only 27,000 tons of Chinese steel rebars were contracted in June, of which, 9,000 tons were
2019-06-24 08:15
Issue Attention on Hyundai Steel´s list price of rebars in July
Hyundai Steel is expected to decide the list price of the steel rebars for July this week. Until last week, it was widely expected that the list price will be
2019-06-24 05:37
Despite steelmakers’ will to raise prices, rebar prices remain unchaged
Despite steelmakers’ strong will to raise prices, market prices of steel rebars have remained largely unchanged this week. Early this week, the asking prices
2019-06-23 06:20
Hyundai Steel, set for repairs at its H-beam plants in Incheon
Hyundai Steel´s H-beam production is expected to plunge in July due to facility repairs. Hyundai Steel schedules for the repair of its large-sized H-beam pla
2019-06-21 07:08
Predict Rebar consumption, to decline in 2H
It is likely that South Korean rebar makers will have to seek a new strategy. There is a widespread prediction that consumption of steel rebars will decrease
2019-06-18 13:34
H-beams price, fell below KRW800,000 again
The market price of domestic H-beams has fallen below KRW800,000 again. The market price of H-beams in the domestic market is between KRW780,000 and KRW800,00
2019-06-14 13:24
China´s Shagang Group, lowered the offer price of rebars
China´s Jiangsu Shagang Group lowered the offer price of steel rebars for July shipments to South Korea. Shagang offered USD520 per ton (CFR basis) for 10 mi
2019-06-12 15:25
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1 Domestic furnaces´ roll margins, to decline for the time being
2 Hyundai Steel froze the import price of Japanese steel scraps
3 POSCO, seeking to raise the offer price of CR sheets
4 POSCO´s HR exports, expected to rebound in 2H
5 Scrap inventory increased significantly this week
6 Average export and import price of CR coil increased in June
7 CR exports decreased while imports surged in 1H
Gilsan, to form a joint venture with China´s TSINGSHAN
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[7-2 KSSP] KSSP continued to fall for the fifth consecut
[7-1 KSSP] The pace of decline in steel scrap prices has
[5-3 KSSP] Scrap prices increased last week
[5-1 KSSP] Scrap prices declined further this week
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CR exports decreased while imports surged in 1H
Steel plate imports rose more than 1.5 times YoY in 1H
HR exports rose while imports declined in 1H
Average export and import price of CR coil increased in
Scrap inventory increased significantly this week

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