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Construction companies, complaining about lack of rebar inventory
Construction companies are complaining about lack of rebar inventory.An official from a construction company said, "It is very rare to receive all the supplie
2020-04-24 09:26
H-beam imports, surging in Apr
H-beam imports are surging. The monthly volume of imports until the mid-April hit the largest in 10 months.According to the latest provisional customs data, a
2020-04-23 11:35
Rebar makers, "Demand for rebars in May, similar to that in Apr"
Rebar makers are expecting that demand for rebars will be largely unchaged from April in May. Seven major steelmakers expect that the demand for rebars will b
2020-04-22 17:09
Rebar imports slowed down in the mid-April
Rebar imports, which rose in the early April, is slowing down.According to the latest provisional customs data, 14,505 tons of rebars were imported through Ap
2020-04-21 11:55
New contracts for rebar imports, expected to increase by up to 40,000 tons
New contracts for rebar imports are expected to increase by up to 40,000 tons.According to the import distribution industry, of the new contracts, import cont
2020-04-20 16:02
Market share of mid-sized steelmakers, the highest in 3 years
There have been changes in market share between large-sized EAF steelmakers such as Hyundai Steel, Dongkuk Steel, and Daehan Steel and mid-sized steelmakers s
2020-04-16 15:56
Rebar makers and distributors, mixed opinion about the market situation in Apr
South Korean rebar makers are off to a good start in April, while the distribution industry is complaining of a lack of demand and inventory. The reason for t
2020-04-14 13:09
Rebar inventories, at the bottom level
Recently, rebar inventories are known to be at the bottom level. Even large-sized steel rebar inventories, used for civil engineering and building basement fl
2020-04-13 14:20
Tower Steel, posted sluggish sales‧operating profit in 2019
Tower Steel performed poorly last year.According to the disclosure report, Tower Steel´s sales reached KRW264.44 billion last year, down 22.5% from KRW341.07 billion a year earlier.Operating profit reached KRW4.073
2020-04-09 10:54
[10-year report of rebar makers] Earnings rebounded in 4 years
South Korean seven rebar makers have released earnings in 2019. SteelDaily looked at the changes and current status of the steel rebar market in South Korea b
2020-04-09 09:55
Despite a record high roll margin, steelmakers profits ´below expectation´
As prices of steel scraps fell and prices of rebars rose, steelmakers’ rebar roll margin widened to the highest ever. This week, southern steelmakers’ purch
2020-04-08 13:45
Demand for H-beams, sluggish in Jan and Feb
The demand for H-beams was sluggish in January and February this year.According to KOREA IRON & STEEL ASSOCIATION, cumulative output between January and Febru
2020-04-07 11:11
Concerns growing over the negative impact of Covid-19 on H-beam market
There is a growing possibility that Covid-19 will negatively affect the H-beam market. With the recent Covid-19 outbreak, logistics in major countries have be
2020-04-06 11:31
Hyundai Steel, mulling over the closing price of H-beams in Apr
Hyundai Steel is weighing on whether freezing and raising the price of its H-beams in April. Sluggish demand and growing uncertainities in the market due to t
2020-03-31 12:01
Osung Steel´s operating profit, 0.7%↓YoY in 2019
The operating profit of Osung Steel fell slightly last year.According to the public disclosure report, Osung Steel posted operating profit of KRW1.848 billion last year, down 0.7% from KRW1.861 billion a year earlier
2020-03-27 10:56
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Japanese HR imports, growing sharply
Japanese suppliers´ scrap offer prices, continue increa
Construction companies, complaining about lack of rebar
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H-beam imports, surging in Apr

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