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Steeldaily takes your personal information very importantly and observes the Act on Promotion of Information & Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection. informs through the personal information protection policy on how the user’s personal information is used and for what purpose and what actions the company takes to protect the users’ personal information. After reading the personal information protection policy of the “Company” please understand how your personal information is used while using the service provided by the “Company.” The “Company’s” personal information protection policy can change by the guideline of the government law and through

Collecting Personal Information

- Required items: Name, ID, Password, Confirmation, Email address
- Choices: Address, Contact
- Automatic collection items: IP address, service usage record, etc.

Purpose of collecting and using personal information

Steeldaily collects personal information only when you voluntarily and specifically fill out it. The service that collects personal information among the internet service that we provide is still collecting personal information at the sister site, Steel Consulting, etc. in addition to basic membership registration. In each case, the personal information we collect may range from simple content such as name and e-mail ID to details such as address, gender, age, occupation, and health status. In all these cases, we specify the personal information we need and how we use it. This is a personalized service that identifies you as a member and has the purpose of informing you about new service and event information. In addition, when participating in various events, we collect personal information by asking for service purposes. In this case, separate from this Privacy Statement, we specify how we collect personal information, how to use it, and how we protect it. E-mailing service during portal service is showing the service interruption guide at the same time so you can choose to stop service at any time.

Agreement to collecting personal information

Steeldaily receives agreement for collecting the user’s personal information. You can either click “Agree” button on the user’s agreement or Steeldaily's personal information protection policy or click “Cancel” related to collecting your personal data. When you click the “agree” button, we regard that you have agreed to for us to collect your personal information.

Collecting Personal Information

Steeldaily collects the minimum amount of personal information to provide services when users join as members.
To use the service provided by Steeldaily, you must input the ID you prefer, password, name, address, phone number, birth date, and e-mail address essentially.

Technology and institutional policy for privacy protection

User information is password protected. Only system administrators and individuals authorized by Steel Daily can modify / delete them. Therefore, the password should not be disclosed to a third party. Steel Daily agents do not ask for personal information or ID password on the phone or E-mail first, regardless of service. If you use your computer in public places or share your computer with others, please do not set the password to be saved automatically, and take all necessary measures to protect your privacy, such as ending all work. Through the UMS service of the bulletin board located at each site of Steel Daily, the personal information that the user voluntarily provides, intentionally or not, can be collected and processed, and the individual UMS number Please keep in mind that others may be caught and exploited. Steel Daily does not take responsibility for the personal information disclosed.

Person responsible and in charge of personal information

To protect your personal information and to take care of the complaints related to personal information, Steeldaily has employees that are in charge of personal information. If you have any questions related to personal information, please contact the people in charge listed below. We will answer your questions as quickly as possible and sincerely.

Person responsible personal information and teenager protectionName: Kim-HongSik

Telephone: +82-2-716-9418
Fax: +82-2-716-9352

Person in charge of personal information and teenager protectionName: Kim-HongSik

Telephone: +82-2-716-9418
Fax: +82-2-716-9352


Teenager Protection Policy

Steeldaily teenager protection policy observes the Teenager Protection Law and is to protect the teenagers from harmful surroundings and to help them develop healthy characteristics. Joongang ilbo follows the Korea Internet Safety Commission guidelines and decisions on media that is harmful to youth, restrict youth under 14 to access to harmful information.

Identify responsibility for privacy

Steeldaily shall not be held liable for any leakage or infringement of personal information to third parties by means other than those listed in the above Personal Information Protection Policy.

Installing and refusing automatic collection devices (cookies, etc.)

Do not auto-collect

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