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Greetings from the CEO

Our goal is to make the Asian steel industry from the center of global steel production to the center of information knowledge. As part of this effort, we have been hosting Asia Steel Forum (ASF) over the past eight years to discuss current issues in the steel market with Asian countries. While ASF plays the role of bringing together the Asian steel markets offline, '' will be at the center of our effort to tie together the Asian steel markets online.

By bringing together the steel information markets in Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar and India around Korea, we aim to strengthen the influence of the Asian steel industry in the global stage. will also provide a variety of information on the Asian market to steel producers around the world who are interested in the Asian steel market.

ASF has been held in major Asian countries over the past eight years. Through ASF, we've worked hard to find common interests and create common ground among Asian steel companies. The ASF in 2018 will be held in Seoul from November 19 to 21. From next ASF, we plan to subdivide steel materials, and hold ASF by item such as STS, steel scrap and steel pipe. As Korea's steel industry has been rapidly integrating into the international market, the current issues in Korea can no more be addressed merely with domestic information. Without information on the fast-growing Asian steel industry, Key issues in the Korean steel industry cannot be solved.

The Asian steel market, centered in Southeast Asia, is drawing keen attention from steelmakers around the globe. Under this circumstances, we are convinced of the necessity to tie the Asian steel information markets together. We want to play this role.

We believe that it's not impossible for Steel&Steel ( to be at the center of the Asian steel information market. We opened '', a Korean steel news site, back in 2004 and started its English version, '' in 2018. We are engaged in various businesses such as steel information, consulting, education, headhunting services, and industrial inspection seminars based solely on expertise in the steel industry. It is very meaningful for us to move from the domestic steel market and to engage in an English-language steel information business targeting the whole Asian market. We believe that we're on the right path forward.

Through '' and Asia Steel Forum, we will make Steel&Steel and Steeldaily to be at the center of the Asian steel information market. With my gratitude to Asian steel producers.

Meet The Steeldaily® Team



Steven K. Seo (Seo JeongHeon)

Education : Keimyung University (Master of Arts in Economics,PhD in Economics) Career : Researcher at Research Institute of Industrial Science and Technology (RIST), Researcher at POSCO Research Institute (POSRI). Research Area : Business Strategy of steel company, Industrial policy of steel industry
T. +82-2-716-9413 / Email


Son JungSoo

The President of Steeldaily
Soongsil University(Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy), 24-year experience as a reporter specialized in the steel industry.
T. +82-2-716-9417 / Email


Kim HongSik

Vice President
Hankuk University of Foreign Studies(Bachelor of Arts in Chinese), MBA at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, 24-year experience as a reporter specialized in the steel industry. Work scope: education, seminar, and new business
T. +82-2-716-9418 / Email



Yoo JaeHeuk

Hoseo University(Bachelor of Arts in Law), 2002~Present: Reporter (specialized in STS, Special steel, CR)
T. +82-2-716-9420 / Email

Son YeonO

Hanyang University(Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Broadcasting), 2008~Present: Reporter
(specialized in STS)
T. +82-2-716-9411 / Email


Bae HeungJun

Consultant & Professor, Corporate Financing Consulting Center Leader.
Korea University(Political Science),
Executive Director of Dongbu Steel, Auditor of Dongbu Metal, CRO of Castlepine Resort
Certification : Real Estate Auction,
NPL Professional Company Turn-around Professional
M. +82-10-5206-7730 /

James Park

Executive Director
PhD in Economics at Universitas
Career : Researcher at POSCO Research Institute (POSRI)
Work scope: Pendidikan Indonesia, Lecturer at Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia
M. +6281297351420 / Email


Establishment Ideology and Purpose

1. Provide accurate and objective industry information
2. Settle the imbalance in the domestic market
3. Enhance the ability to cope with decline
4. Offer customized strategies for steel companies
5. Reinforce steel information, knowledge and human resources
6. Propose strategies for responding to division of work between Korea, China and Japan
7. Increase the ability to adapt to the world market
8. Suggest fair standards of the market economy
9. Provide optimal steel industry policy


News Provide steel news, corporate news and pricing information in real time
Magazine Steel & Steel
Education Basic training for the Chinese market and steel products, enforcement of the ability for steel marketing and sales, professional training course for steel scrap specialists, trade practices for steel products, innovation programs for small and medium-sized steel companies, corporate customized training, etc.
Seminar& Industry inspection Material, STS, year-end conference, Asia Steel Forum, seminar by item/region, customized industry inspection by item/region
Consulting services Consulting services for individual businesses including purchase strategy, sales strategy, corporate capacity building strategy, and customized workshops as well as various domestic and foreign market surveys

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